January 31st, 2008
Every ZIP Code in the USA, shown in Google Earth

ZIPScribble USA

What would happen if all the ZIP codes in the USA were connected on a map, one by one in ascending numerical order ? Find out in this Google Earth time animation.

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Sky Dome in Google Earth


This KML plug-in creates a 360 degree Sky over a small region of Google Earth. Ideal for realistic looking screen captures. The location of the dome can be moved via a simple interactive networklink.

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Daylight Hours in Google Earth

Hours of Daylight

How do the number of hours of daylight vary globally over the course of a year. Download this colourful time animated visualization to find out.

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24 Hour GPS Satellite Animation, in Google Earth

GPS Satellite Visibility (mock-up)

Simplified animation demonstrating how GPS satellite visibility can vary according to location. The file is an interactive KML time animition, with an unlimited number of play-back possibilities.

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Population Density in England, 1891-1991

Population Density

Timeline animated presentation of population density in England from 1891 to 1991.

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Lunar phase and position animation in Google Earth

Lunar Position and Phase

Google Earth time slider animation using a moving placemark, track and screen overlay to display the moon’s geographic position and phase over one month.

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Busiest Airports in the USA, in Google Earth

Busiest Airports in the USA

Where are the busiest airports in the USA by passenger numbers ? This KML file displays a ranking of the top 2200.

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