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Google Earth in Google Earth in a Browser

June 2nd, 2008 4 comments

Animated Google Earth in Google Earth in a BrowserSince the new Google Earth browser plugin was released last week, I’ve been trying hard to resist the temptation to simply throw giant KML files at it 🙂 . Instead focusing on stuff which wouldn’t be practical using regular Google Earth.

Anyway, I’ve cobbled together a simple interactive animation using the API.  Similar idea to my earlier (rather lame) bouncing Google Earth 3D model.

OK, it’s not very sophisticated, but the thing to note is this isn’t the Plugin running a KML time animation.  Instead, its a fully scripted animation, moving a standard  SketchUp model in real time. This means we can do several things which just aren’t possible in Google Earth:

  • Have options to change every parameter to do with the location and physics (Just location and drop height implemented at the moment). 
  • Include a range of camera settings to view the animation from different frames of reference. Notably a tracking camera, and some from the point of view of the moving 3D model  – very cool how well these work.

It’s a pretty flabby/messy piece of scripting at the moment,  but if anyone does want re-use any part of the script please feel free.