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2200 Biggest Airports in the USA

January 13th, 2008 3 comments

Every Airport in the USA, Google EarthWhere are the busiest commercial passenger airports in the USA, and how are they distributed across the country ?

This Google Earth KML file mashes up a geographic database of FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) airport codes,  with passenger boarding totals (enplanements) for the year 2006.

Download the file here:

2200 Airports (USA) (150kB)

Airport Passenger Information in Google EarthIcon dots are scaled in size according to number of passengers, Atlanta-Hartsfield being the biggest. Similarly, the colours run through dark blue to red – Atlanta the reddest.

  • Hover the mouse over each dot to see the passenger totals and airport name. 
  • Double click an Icon for information on where it ranks amongst the list of the busiest, and how the stats break down into scheduled and unscheduled boardings. 
  • Navigate up and down the league table using the arrows either side of the ranking position.
  • Airport Map Folder ViewRestrict the range of airports shown by turning off folders in the left sidepanel.

Note:  There’s a chance GE might slow down some older machines with this file open – I think it’s worthwhile seeing all the information on screen at once with this one,  no attempt to dynamically limited which parts of the KML are shown at any one time (Regions)