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New Imagery in Google Earth

February 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

spot_the_differenceGoogle Earth Blog reports a stack of new high resolution imagery in Google Earth today (Feb 28th 2009) USA, France, Scotland, Africa, Iceland, Mongolia + many other places. Check out Frank’s post for up to date details.

Typically there’s a delay of a few days between this appearing in Google Earth and Google Maps, which means for a short while the Google Maps vs Earth plug-in side by side code example I mashed-up last year does something useful! It allows you to instantly compare the before and after.

A doddle to use this:

  • Switch to satellite view in the left map panel.
  • Type in a place name or address to fly instantly to that location in both maps.
  • Or drag one map and the other map will move too.

Full(ish) screen version here,
Or embedded below.

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