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Jupiter, Cassini Time-Lapse Movie

Jupiter/Cassini atmosphere animation using Google EarthBetween October 31 and November 9  2000, the Cassini space probe took a series of global images of Jupiter.   NASA  processed and assembled these into a global Time-lapse movie.

This file creates an interactive 3d version of this movie by wrapping it around Google Earth as a series of time stamped  image overlays, and using GE’s time control to enable playback.

Download the animation

Viewing the Animation

  • After opening the file the time slider will appear at the top of the GE Window.  Simply click the play button to the right of this to see the animation.
  • Google Earth’s Time Control
  • The repeat mode and animation speed can be set in the time control options accessible via the white clock face icon.
  • Google Earth’s Time Control Options
  • Additionally, I recommend switching off GE’s blue atmosphere effect:   View -> Atmosphere.

Although the animation sequence is only 12 frames long, several features of Jupiter’s atmosphere evolution are visible:

  • Counterclockwise rotation of the Great Red Spot
  • Horizontal bands move at different rates
  • Storms – the white ovals, rotate clockwise North of the equator and anti clockwise to the South
  • Flashing spots.  caused by Jupiter’s moons,  Io and Europa passing in front of the camera

Images Courtesy – Nasa/JPL/University of Arizona

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