Google Sky

December 28th, 2008

Google Sky

In Google Earth version 4.2 (released August 2007), a new night sky mode was added allowing you to view and explore the stars, galaxies and planets in much the same way you can the Earth. The KML addon files listed on this page provide a selection of extra content to enhance that experience.

Google Sky, Current Planet Positions, Animated Orrery

Planets in Orbit (Orrery)

Top-down view of the current positions of the planets in the Solar System.  The file is a 3-month  time animation designed to run alongside GSky’s built-in Our Solar System Layer.   Read more and download…

[Updated 2008/01/22 – now includes accurately scaled close-up diagrams of the inner and outer planets.]

Southern Constellations in Google Earth Sky

Constellation Boundaries

This file augments the constellation border Layer in Google Sky.  Providing a permanent set of IAU (International Astronomical Union) boundaries, visible at all levels of zoom. Read more and download…

Jupiter seen from the New Horizons space probe in Google Earth Sky

Jupiter from New Horizons

In early 2007 the New Horizons Space Probe, travelling on it’s way to Pluto, passed Jupiter sending back a series of close up images. This file places the stunning montage picture Nasa produced from these images in Google Sky as the planet would have been seen from the spacecraft. Read More and download…

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