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Google Earth Zoom

Zooming into Google EarthFocusing on Google Earth…   Something offbeat for my last post of the week.

For an upcoming project I’ve been investigating the appearance of various global maps at very low resolutions – resized using ImageMagick.  So, I thought, might as well put some of these images to work in a Google Earth animation.

Here it is, a time animated sequence of 255 successively higher resolution jpeg image overlays – 2×1 through to 256×128 pixels – using one of Nasa’s Blue Marble images (same one as for the textured globe model I posted a few days ago).

Google Earth Zoom
(1 MB)

  • Once the file is open click the play button next to the time slider.
  • Time Control Play Button
  • Subtract 10,000 from the date shown on the time control for the horizontal resolution of the currently displayed overlay.
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    Este es mejor

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