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Google Earth Imagery Updates

Yesterday Google provided another High resolution imagery and terrain update Google Earth.  Teasingly they haven’t provided a list of where the new data is, but given a series of cryptic clues instead.  The Digital Earth Blog has managed to piece many of these together if you want the answers.   (Edit 2007-08-01: Google have put full solutions here.)

One thing they have done, which I’ve sort of been expecting after they did the same for parts of Switzerland in an earlier update, is perked up the colours of some of some of the older data.  This includes the previously very brown London imagery now looking much fresher, with a blue river Thames and green vegetation.  The increased contrast provides a much more suitable backdrop for textured 3D models. 🙂 But it means I need to recreate the overlays for my London Eye animation… 

A Brighter London

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    Here is the updated Google Earth sights (2007/07).

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