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Google Earth Flight Simulator Mods and other News

September 5th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

After that rather long interlude, some catching up to do.  First, here are a few Google Earth v4.2 odds and ends.

Google Earth Flight Simulator – Anyone checked out the Google Earth config files for this amazing Easter Egg ? They contain a huge range of settings for everything from airplane configurations to variables for the physics engine.  The files are scattered around the ‘res/flightsim’ directory.  But edit them at your own risk.   Before anyone else tries, negative gravity doesn’t work 😉

Microwave Sky – As mentioned in the comments, my Cosmic Microwave background add-ons (here and here) aren’t aligned correctly for Google Sky.  They need rotating from the Galactic to the Equatorial plane, which is going to prove tricky.  If you want to see a Microwave backround map which does work in  Sky, check out the new high resolution file put together by the WMAP/NASA,  available from the Google Earth Gallery.

Collada fix in 4.2 –  This restores the memory handling benefit of referencing a single 3D model multiple times from KML which disappeared several months ago.   Why is this good ?   Because it’s now possible to display many more 3D models without Google Earth slowing down. The fix is most noticeable in my tree growth animation file (bottom of this page) ,  which until 4.2 came out hadn’t worked for many months. 

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