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GE API Page and Polygon Editor

I’ve added a new page (in the menu on the left) to index my GE browser Plug-in projects, with three more examples to go alongside the flight simulator game and bounce! animation.

Delving into the API…

  • A basic Polygon Editor. Something I plan to develop further. Use draggable pushpins to rotate, re-size and locate a single, regular polygon or circle anywhere on the globe, then export the result as a KML file. An info panel populates with values for circumference, area, radius and bearing in real time.

And a couple hooking into some of my pre-existing KML files:

  • Mouseover Flight Route Maps for three European low-cost airlines: Easyjet, Ryanair and Wizzair. The information in these is several months out of date so don’t rely on it being accurate.
  • A view based Hertszprung-Russell Diagram – a scatter plot of stars’ luminosity vs colour – for Sky mode (obviously). Which includes 3000 nearby stars from the Hipparcos catalogue. Built around an unusual KML hack, which I’ll write about another time.
  1. July 20th, 2008 at 11:54 | #1

    Hello Barnabu,

    This script is way too cool, i was thinking to post to the GE forum a question but i figured it would be better posted here.

    How to create 2 polygons and compare differences, such as difference in area, difference in paremeter of pgon1 & pgon2 etc …

    It is good to see you have taken the incentive to develop the first GIS spatial functions for the GE API that I have seen.

    Another that would be really great is select points within a pgon and display attributes, such as number and type of point.

    example selection1
    resturant = 4
    hotel = 9
    school = 13

    and then difference between 2 selection groups:

    example selection2
    resturant = 16
    hotel = 25
    school = 41

    resturant = 12
    hotel = 14
    school = 27

    Thanks for the examples, enjoy your blog, always someting new to learn.

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