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Ferris Wheel Animation in Google Earth

Vienna Ferris Wheel, Google Earth AnimationThis is a Google Earth Time Animation of the 110 year old Ferris wheel in Prater Park, Vienna – the Riesenrad.

The only survivor out of five similar wheels designed by Walter Bassett,  located in Chicago, Paris, London, Blackpool and Vienna.  During the Second World War the wheel was badly damaged, and the original 30 gondolas replaced with 15.

For those interested in classic movies, Orson Welles took a ride on this in ‘The Third Man’ and directly afterwards gave his famous ‘cuckoo clock’ speech.

Viewing Tips

After the file loads, the time control appears near the top of the screen.

  • Click on the white clock gadget to the left of this to access the time control options.
  • Change the repeat mode to ‘wrap’.
  • Use the “Play” button (the triangle to the right of the time slider) to see it animate.
  • Terrain (Layers, bottom left in GE) should be toggled on.
  • The file has 2 modes – one with the original 30 gondolas, another with the current 15.   Switch between these in the file options.

As with most Google Earth time animations, it may take a little while for all the animation frames to load into memory.

View the animation
260kB. Google Earth version 4.0.2693 or later required.

Frank Taylor at Gearthblog.com has put together a nifty video including this in a demonstration of the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator:

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