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Editing Google Earth

London Eye - Blue ThamesIn the previous post I mentioned that my London Eye animation needed tweaking because of a colour change in Google Earth’s London aerial photos.  I’ve now fixed the file.

The issue occurred because the file masks GE’s imagery with a ‘photoshopped’ version of itself.  I did this to remove the aerial shot of the London Eye from the scene and clear the way for the animated shadow.

OK, so it’s probably not the most useful thing you can do in Google Earth  but here’s a quick overview of the method I used: 

  • In Google Earth (or Maps) save an image of the area you want to alter.  It makes things easier if the view is pointing directly downwards and due north. 
  • Edit this screenshot in photo/image editing software.   In this case  I just used GIMP‘s clone stamp tool,  and copied other bits of the imagery – mainly river – to cover those parts I wanted hiding.
  • Back in GE return to the place where you took the screen capture.
  • Add Image OverlayClick ‘add image overlay’ and open the edited photo.
  • By dragging the green boundary lines you can accurately stretch and shrink the overlay to the correct location. 
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