January 31st, 2008

Google Earth 3D Model Animations

Collection of 3D models making use of Google Earth’s Time animation feature.

London Eye with animated shadow

4D London Eye with Shadow

Updated version of my rotating London eye animation which adds a moving shadow.

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Giza Pyramids Sundial Animation

Giza Pyramids Sundial Animation

Google Earth animation using one 3D model with a sequence of different textures to simulate changes in sun-shading over the course of a day.

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 Bouncing Google Earth

Bouncing Google Earth

Google Earth animation of a bouncing Google Earth globe, with shadow.

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City of London animated timeline in Google Earth

City of London Timeline

An animation showing high-rise development in the city. The timeline currently includes the 80 tallest structures built and demolished since the 1950s.

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London Eye animation in Google Earth

London Eye Animation

Animated 3d model of London’s 135m diameter observation wheel.

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Model plane construction animation in Google Earth

Model Plane

Brick by brick construction timeline of a toy model airplane. Created with Leocad and SketchUp.

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Vienna Ferris Wheel Animation for Google Earth

Wiener Riesenrad

An animation of the 109 year old Ferris Wheel in Prater park, Vienna. The wheel rotates.

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Ferris Wheel, 3d model animation in Google Earth

Ferris Wheel Construction

A 600 part construction animation of the above model.

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Semi-Realistic Physics in Google Earth

50 Bouncing GE Globes

Pushing Google Earth 3D model animation and your computer to the limits. Fifty bouncing globes complete with shadows.

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2000 trees in Google Earth

Tree Population Timeline

Animation using multiple Collada model instancing to show population increase.

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Google Earth v4 required

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