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Animated GIFs

Lego Airplane in Google EarthSpirograph Wheel in Google Earth

Following on from the GIF animation used in my recent London Eye post, I’ve decided to make GIFs for all my other Google Earth time series.

GIFs are a bit old hat, but, (so my line of reasoning goes,) probably more attention grabbing than embedded videos on a website.  Plus, with the limited number of frames most Google Earth animations use, GIFs are quick to create,

For this first batch of six (four are below the fold so as not to overwhelm my homepage):

  • I opened the KMZ in Google Earth.
  • Used IrFanview to manually take screen captures at a range of points along the timelines.
  • Then resized, cropped and generated the GIFs in ‘Animation Shop‘.

The files shown are:

With detailed animations like ‘London Growth‘, I want to try using real time video capture – something I’ve not attempted before.

England Population Density 1891-1991Jupiter-Cassini Clouds Animation

Vienna Ferris Wheel / The Riesenrad, AnimationDaylight Hours in Google Earth

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