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New Google Sky

August 24th, 2007 1 comment

Since Google released Google Sky a couple of days ago, the number of visitors to this blog has absolutely rocketed. So for anyone wondering where to get the proper ‘Google Earth Sky’ (and not my add-on), it’s included in the latest version of the free Google Earth which can be downloaded from:   Just follow the links from there to the download page.

Once installed be sure to check out the extras in the layers panel, including live moon and planet postitions.  There are also some cool add-ons available from the Google Earth Gallery.

I’m itching to see what new things can be done in GE 4.2, but frustratingly I’m stuck in an Internet connection timewarp at the moment – no broadband access, just irregular and painfully slow dial-up – hence the lack of recent posts, and comments not getting through.  Fingers crossed I should be back up and running after the weekend.


… and San Francisco

August 5th, 2007 2 comments

A quick update to the Google Earth flight routes file I posted yesterday. Adding San Francisco (SFO) to the four original airports.

International flight routes SFO, ORD, LAX, JFK & MIA

Note it’s a different URL from the previous file, but I’ll leave the other online for the time being.


Google Earth Flight Path Animations II

August 4th, 2007 44 comments

Continuing the idea of time animated flight paths in Google Earth, this KML file includes 300+ non-stop international routes from the four busiest international airports in the USA: New York Kennedy, Chicago O’Hare, Miami International and Los Angeles (LAX).

I’ve put together a video which shows the individual animations for each hub, then all combined.

Download the file here:

Flight Route Animations (440kB)

I’ve made a few subtle KML ‘style’ changes from the Chicago version – thinner lines, different colours etc – but it’s pretty much the same thing multiplied by 6.

Routes are based on the destinations listed under individual airports in Wikipedia. Flight times are indicative not accurate.  The KML is compiled by a script I’ve created to generate trajectories along ‘great circles’.

Anyone else think there’s a resemblance between this and the computer simulated nuclear war in the movie ‘WarGames‘ ? 😉


Animated Flight Paths in Google Earth

August 2nd, 2007 3 comments

Outbound Chicago Flights in Google Earth

This Google Earth file animates international flight routes and durations from Chicago O’Hare Airport.  

To view the animation, open the link below and simply click the play button to the right of the time slider (at the top of the screen).  You may need to slow the animation speed down a little in the time control options.

Chicago International Flight Routes (80kB)

On playback 50 flight paths are simultaneously plotted out, starting from Chicago.  The duration of these is linked to the time displayed on GE’s time gadget – the date is meaningless, so just ignore it.

The file includes a couple of new (for me) techniques to try and squeeze out some extra visual impact:

  • (Exaggerated) trajectories for the flight paths.
  • Animated icons, rapidly flicking through a sequence of sizes and colours to clearly signify every time a plane lands

Note: The durations are just ball park figures, so please don’t use the file to plan your next vacation or business trip. 😉

Moon tracker timeline